A Boutique Powerhouse

15 July 2015, The Straits Times Singapore

MORE Property makes its mark in the real estate market with a host of quality services.

MORE Property, a boutique real estate consultancy, is now a rightful player on the global stage despite its humble beginnings.

MORE Property now lends its expertise to offer strong local and overseas marketing support for developers. Additionally, its strong network of international alliances with well-established partners in countries such as China, Australia, United States and in Southeast Asia adds value-added services to their clients.

The company provides a suite of real estate services to meet the market demands. Its team of well-trained partners with a wealth of experience under their belts ensures consistent, timely and high-quality results in the services it provides.

With its vast network of industry contacts, they are also equipped in offering consultation services and the facilitation of various business negotiations, acquisitions and divestment of property investments in local and overseas markets.

Property management
Experienced management team members are able to utilise their comprehensive understanding of real estate and incorporate market research and financial modelling reliably when advising clients.

Local and overseas projects
Be it in Singapore or off-shore, MORE Property provides a comprehensive list of professional services, covering all form of marketing and sales activities to meet its desired objectives.

Research and consultancy
Always at the forefront of property market development and industry news, the company leverages on its industry insights to create new opportunities and advantages for its clients.

Training and development
Building on its roster of seasoned veterans and industry stalwarts, MORE Property places great emphasis on developing the human capital. Its capable team is more than qualified to provide extensive training, personal mentorship and succession grooming to transform its employees into the finest among the real estate industry.

Sales system
Its qualified sales force is strictly trained in its unique in-house proprietary knowledge and business model, as well as the latest technological tools and solutions to handle the market demands.  

“With the exposure it offers, The Straits Times Classified provides a platform for property agents and property seekers to connect. Working together allows us to provide potential clients updated advertisements daily. We look forward to many more years of partnership! Happy 170th anniversary to The Straits Times Classified!"
Shawn Tan, CEO, key executive officer of MORE Property